Sunday, November 30, 2008


Woke up this morning to a dusting of snow with more snow falling. This was the scenario for the entire day. Wind and flurries. I wanted a long mountain bike ride today, but I was informed of showers in the area while I was in LA. With the snow melting on contact and the showers the previous day, I decided to can the mountain bike ride and go for a run instead. A very mellow run, 40 minutes at an easy pace. Temps were hovering at 33 degrees with snow and a stiff north wind at the time of the run, I think the wind chill was 22. Actually, I felt really comfortable out there today. I guess I'm getting used to the cold. There's not much one can do about cold, nasty weather(other than move), just dress accordingly and get out there. Getting out there is the biggest obstacle for me when it gets cold, staying indoors seems very appealing. Once I convince myself to get out from the comforts of heated air, I'm fine. I really love training in cold conditions, it's just that I have to remind myself every time. I have to prep both mentally and physically this time of year to get outdoors and train. It also helps to read blogs from people who live where it really does get cold. To see them ride in nastier conditions than will ever be seen here in Fayetteville is inspiring, I really can't complain.

Saturday, November 29, 2008


The move is officially over. My last three weeks have been consumed with moving activities. There is still some work to do for the new house but the majority is finished. Cable guy showed up tonight to hook up cable and internet, you never realize how much you miss these luxuries until you spend a week with out them.
I have some pics I will post now with more to come.
A big thanks out to my parents. They helped me move, sacrificed their off time, and have been key in the decorating department. Thank you ever so much. The new house is looking fantastic.
Training has been little to none. Mostly just riding to and from work. Yesterday, between stuffing my face, I managed to get out for a 35 minute run. Needless to say, I didn't feel fluid out on the run. The first 25 minutes was brutal, the last 10 minutes was great.
Tomorrow is a long mountain bike ride. It's been a whiled since I have been out for a long ride so I am super excited about tomorrow's ride. I'm thinking about a super loop connecting all the local singletrack I'll have pics and a write up tomorrow.
A few pics from the house:
Thanks Dad andMom
We love the mirror!
This frame was made by my dad some years ago. My sister and I have always admired it. We are ecstatic to have it here in our house.New curtains are nice, thanks to Larissa and Mom for picking them out.
LC chillin with the dogs, note the T6 socks

Friday, November 21, 2008

Off Air

The big move has finally arrived. We move the major stuff tomorrow. I'll be without internet until next Saturday. Hope you have a better weekend than me.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Big Thanks to Highroller Cyclery

I need to send a big thanks to Highroller Cyclery for hooking me up with a Lefty fork while mine is off to the manufacturer for a rebuild. My second rebuild in a year and a half, is that normal? All I've ever used is Cannondale products, Fatties and Lefty's. I don't ride in a lot of muddy, wet conditions, I try to avoid such situations. I think I am going to try the Lefty for one more season, then I will decide if I want to switch to a Fox. Again, thanks to Chris D. at Highroller for letting me borrow the Lefty. It's good to have a great relationship with a good bike shop. I went in the bike shop on Thursday, told them the situation, they gave me the loaner fork, I installed it, gave them my fork on Sat., and today my fork is on it's way to PA to get rebuilt. Spot on. The above photo is my bike with the loaner fork.
The weather has really sucked around here the past week. I grew up in the south, mostly in Louisiana and Arkansas, so I love the heat, no, I thrive in it. Honestly, I'll take 90 deg. over 50 deg. any day. It hasn't been Wisconsin cold, but it has been to cold for me. Saturday's high was about 44 deg. Sorry for the bitching, it's going to be a long winter. I've had my eye on this place for a while. I think I could handle the temps.
On the training front, all is not well. I have been occupied with moving into a new house. This past weekend was mostly spent cleaning and painting. Fri. and Sat. were pretty much a complete waste with regards to training, I did manage to get in a swim on Sat. Sunday I did manage to get in a long run though it just didn't feel smooth. I was suffering from all the painting and cleaning.
I dread next weekend. It's the heavy lifting time. Sofas, washer, dryer, refridgerator, basically everthing left in the house. My parents are coming up from LA to help so that is a huge bright spot on the weekend. Everything will be back to normal soon, I have forgotten what a pain it is to move. When I moved up here from Monroe, LA in May '02, I fit everything I owned into two loads of a Ford Ranger.
Over the weekend I did manage to pick up a new pair of running shoes. I went with a pair of Books Cascadia 3. Long time ago I wore the original Cascadia and I loved them, by far my favorite shoe. Recently when I was up for a new pair of shoes, I tried and tried to find the originals, no luck. So I decided to try the newest version, Cascadia 3. I'll post opinions after some time in the shoe, I hope it is as good as the original.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Not So Snappy

Damnit. Not 24 hours after I received my Snappy Cap, one of the dogs thought it would make an excellent toy. I'm not naming any dog names, but I have narrowed the culprit down to a multi-colored dog. Here's what's left of my cap
Also, the fork on my mountain bike is in need of service. This is a big deal because the fork is a Lefty and has to go back to Cannondale. No one around here can service Lefties, at least not what I need done. Last time I had my fork rebuilt, my LBS had a spare fork to loan me while mine was away. Fingers crossed they still have it. I love my Lefty. . . when it is working properly. But sending it in every year is a huge hassle and expensive. Thinking, maybe, a new ride for next year. I'll just save my pennies for the Specialized
Last Sunday I headed out for a run with my friend Katie. Started from my house and headed up the hill to the trails on top of Mt. Sequoia. Katie was looking just to get out for an easy run as the day before she had completed a 50k trail run/race(she won). Her legs weren't quite under her, 15 minutes into the run she clipped a rock/root and down she went. She took a direct hit to the knee by a rock. That ended her run, we walked the rest of the way to her house, all downhill. She was in pain. She'll be back soon though, she's tough.
My training is moving right along. I'm just following the plan that Trevor lays out. Right now is all endurance/base training and of course my favorite, weight training. I'm still sore, at some point I hope my body will adapt to the weight training and I will stop being so sore. Tomorrow is a rest day leading into what looks to be a great weekend.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Feelin' Snappy

My cap finally arrived! I customed ordered a cycling cap from Snappy Caps back in late August and have been anxiously awaiting it's arrival ever since. Well I finally got my hands on my one of a kind hat today and I'll tell you I am stoked. I have been a fan of cycling caps and when I saw Snappy Caps on Guitar Ted's site and Enduro Snob, I had to get my hands on one. Ordering was simple, pay a deposit, answer a few questions( color preference, style, fabric, pattern, etc.), then you just sit back and wait for Susan to create you a kick ass cap. She will then send you a pic of the cap she created just for you before you pay the remaining balance, simple and easy.

For my cap, I chose a muted color scheme. I also wanted an argyle print, I'm a huge fan of argyle. Other than my hat size(roughly) that was all the info I gave Snappy Caps, here is what Susan created for me:


On the training front, I survived my second weights session today. I am really trying to keep a positive atitude about lifting weights, I know I need to strength train and it will pay off once my season starts. So, with a positive attitude, I hit the gym today and really had a great session. My focus this winter will be to become stronger in the upper body and to build a strong run base. Focus is a good thing, I need it. Happy Friday!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Oh So Sore

Did my first weight lifting session last night and today, of course, my upper body is extremely sore. My lower body, however, is not sore at all. What gives? I guess I just didn't work my legs as much as I thought. Yesterday marked the first time I have lifted weights in about 2 years. Honestly, I can think of many things I would rather do than lift weights, it's just not enjoyable to me. But, I truly believe it is going to be extremely beneficial to me in the upcoming Xterra season, so I will continue to pump iron for the next two or three months. I hope its not longer than that, depends on what this guy says. As much as I hate lifting, I can't wait for my next session. Gotta get rid of this soreness

Got in a good swim session today. Most of my swimming lately has been at the pool at work. It is a new facility, very clean and I really like the pool. Most of the other pool users are older and use the pool strictly to aqua-jog or do aerobic type activities, so I feel a little awkward swimming intervals next to them. I am Micheal Phelps of the 20yd, geriatric pool. My only complaint with the pool is that it is only 20 yards in length. Swimming gets tricky when Trevor prescribes intervals at certain distances, a few require some improvising. I'm getting the work done though, putting in the yards and effort. Swimming is becoming fun again. I love that feeling of pulling yourself through the water, streamlined and efficient.

One more thing on my mind is next year's Xterra schedule. I know I am way ahead of myself as the schedule is probably a long way from being released. I hear rumours that my region(South Central) may get a championship next year! Fingers crossed it's Eureka Springs. Plus I am excited to plan out my race season for next year. All things will come in time and I will have time to prepare for each race

Monday, November 3, 2008

Great Weekend

I could get used to these four day weekends. I took a couple days off to have more time to move into my new house. However, the house isn't ready to be moved into yet so I just spent the weekend training and relaxing. It was fabulous. I got in a couple hour long trail runs, a three hour mountain bike ride, and a swim. Today was a rest day and I did just that, no activity other than stretching. All training lately has been at endurance pace, just building a solid base for next year. My body is responding great, no pain in the knee. A few pics from the weekend.
This was taken from the same place as the pic from last week, the leaves are just about finished.Smuckers and Randy leading the way
On the trail on Mount Sequoia
Leaves are really putting on a show
Smuckers catching a break