Wednesday, November 10, 2010


My new hobby. I really suck at it but I have fun doing it and I am getting better. Smuckers doesn't like slacklining at all and lets me know about it every chance she gets

Friday, November 5, 2010

Day 2

Day two of the great No Drive/No Drink event is finished. I'm beat, a really tough week at work has me eyeing the bed at 830 tonight.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ninety Days Sans Drink and Drive

Yes, that's right, the next ninety days with no motorized transport(driven by me) or adult beverage.
All commuting to and from work, grocery getting, etc. will be done strictly on two wheeled, human powered transport. Any time spent in a vehicle will be documented here, however I guarantee I will not be the one stepping on the gas pedal. I have two trips upcoming, holidays, that I will be spending considerable time in a vehicle. Can't be avoided as the distance is to great over a short amount of time given to make each trip. I've done 90 days without driving before but it has been quite some time since. Frankly, I've gone soft on my commitment to commuting, my Honda has made me weak.. Here comes 90 days of commuting bliss, screw you traffic!
The no drinking is just simply a by-product. It will be easier to commute each morning waking up rested and ready to ride. Plus with no calorie laden adult beverages, I stand to drop a few lb's. Win-Win.
Commuting via human power has always been important to me. When I worked in Rogers, 25 miles away, I wished I had a local job that I could bike to and from. Now I do. I still commute via bike about 60-70% of the time now, but that is just not good enough and I am out to not only get to work via bike but do the rest of my errands on bike as well.