Sunday, April 24, 2011

Ugh, So Much Rain

So much rain has fallen here in NWA with rain in the forecast through Wednesday. Yesterday I was watching constantly to find a window to get Smuckers a walk and myself a run. Finally about 2pm the radar showed no immediate threat of rain so I grabbed my dog and her leash and we hit the pavement. It was misting a bit but not enough to get us wet so we pressed onward to the park. As my luck goes, we got to the furthest point from the house and the clouds just fell. Hard rain, large raindrops. After about 10 minutes in the pouring rain, my dog turns her head to me and I swear she gives me the "stink eye" As if to say "why did you drag me out in this foul weather?"

This upcoming weekend is my first XTERRA of the season. Yesterday I had plenty of Internet time to work out the logistics of the trip, scout the race course, etc. The swim is in Lake Degray, I have been there once as a child with my Dad and I remember the lake to be exceptionally clean. Of course at that time I was used to the waterways in Louisiana so most any other body of water would appear pristine. 800 yds in Lake Degray. I couldn't find much beta on the bike course other than it consists of a two mile paved section, two 5.5 miles singletrack loops, followed by the two mile paved road back to transition. The run, 3.4 miles, will be a mix of singletrack, doubletrack and forest service roads. Should be good times and if I have enough energy left on Sunday I will ride the XTERRA Dawg Dayz bike course in Little Rock on my way home.

I've been awake now for about 3 hours, it was raining before I got up, it has rained the entire time I have been awake, and the radar shows rain for at least the next few hours. Rain