Sunday, January 30, 2011

Warm Weekend

Weekends like this in January don't happen very often. Saturday was beautiful with a high temp in the mid to upper 70's. friday was nice as well, I got to hang with the dogs in the backyard in shorts and a t-shirt. I also got my race bike for this year assembled. The Stumpy 29er is hands down the best bike I have ridden, more on that in another post. Here are a few pics from the weekend.
Not looking forward to this week's weather

Smucker's hanging out in the backyard playing with her favorite toys.

My new bike at Slaughter Pen

Looking down at some riders, love this time of year on the trails, no leaves equal great views

Monday, January 10, 2011

First Snow Ride of the Year

We didn't get as much snow as expected and most of it was melted by Noon, even though the temp never even got close to 32 degrees. I made it out to a local trail for a 2.5 hour ride on frozen, snow covered trails. It was awesome, there was about an inch on the trail which is about the right amount in my opinion. Followed up the ride with a 45 minute transition run with my dog. Smuckers is loving the cold weather and getting out for long walks and runs. She really is starting to get in much better shape as she made the entire 45 minute run with me today and was still out in front at the end of the run. Normally she has been crapping out around 30 minutes or so. I love having her as a running buddy, got to log the time now because as soon as the weather gets warm Smuckers just can't hang