Saturday, June 30, 2012

Xterra Arkadelphia

That's not really the name of the event, but I have issues with purposely mispelled words.  So, I am renaming this event.  Results can be found here.

This is the second year I have raced here so the course was familiar.  However,  the bike course was changed.  It was two 5.5 mile loops with a two mile section of road to start and finish.  Coming off a solid race at Eureka Springs I had high hope for this race, really wanted my first podium finish.

Fancy digs right on the lake and 10 minutes from the race start.


There were actually two triathlons going at the same time, a sprint road tri and the Xterra.  Unfortunetly,  the Xterra swim started as wave three of the day so I had to swim through 20-30 swimmers.  I was good training for me and I can definetly say that I have made great improvements with my open water swimming.  Out of the water in 16:47 for the 880yds, 1st in my AG.


This time I had my nutrition taped to my top tube(last race I forgot my gels at T1).  Overall I am pleased with my bike.  I had a bit of a drop mid way through the first lap, but I found my legs for the second lap.  15 miles in 1:28.


Again, I am pleased with the run I did.  3.5 mile in 34 minutes

Overall, I missed the podium for my AG by less than 7 minutes and first by 12.  Loved the course and i am going back in October for the Epic.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Finding My Limit

This is a quick,short race report for Xterra Euereka Springs.

First I should start with a little history of me and my race here last year.  It wasn't a good race for me, I got beat up on the swim, had a slower than expected bike and cramped on the run.  This race kicked my ass last year.  So, understandably, I was a little nervous going into this race. 

I got great advice from my coach the day before, he told me to remember that I have done the work leading up to the race and to smile and enjoy the day.


Really, I had a great swim.  Way different from last year.  I was able to pick my starting spot, get to the right of the main group and swim at my pace.  Finished the swim about 20th  15:30 for the 880yds.  Most importantly, I wasn't fatigued coming out of the water like last year.  Big plus!


The bike course is 13 miles in length, it is a rough 13 miles.  Three big climbs and many technical sections make this course one of the toughest on the Xterra circuit.  That being said, I went out cautious.  I was riding the course very well, cleaned all the major climbs and only had to walk one technical section on the backside of the lake.  The only major mistake I made was forgetting my nutrition at T1.  I rode strong up to about 1hr40 min, I think I found my limit.  I have to take on some kind of calories before this point.  Finished the bike 1:30.


It's really sad that I had no fuel on my bike because I really think I could have put together a great race.  I came out of T2 surging, I wasn't going to let this race beat me again.  However, half way through the first climb of the run I knew it wasn't going to be my day.  My time was faster than last year but not what I was hoping for.  Time 1:12

Overall I am really stoked about my race.  I beat last years time by 35 minutes.  I was properly fueled to start the race, but I failed to put enough calories in my body during the race.  Lesson learned, on to the next race.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

XTERRA Eureka Springs

Just a week away!  I have ridden the course a couple of times in the past week.  This is the Dryest I have ever seen this trail this early in the year.  Should be some fast times next Saturday.