Friday, January 29, 2010

Disaster Averted

The freezing rain stayed away for the most part, there was some ice accumulation but the power stayed on. As of right now the snow is falling, hard. About 3 inches so far with another three or more inches to come.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

2010 Schedule

Been working on my 2010 schedule, it's pretty well dialed. 12 races so far with a few local 5k's thrown in for July. July looks really light having only one mtb race, I plan to supplement with road running races as they are abundant in the month of July.

Here are the MTB races I plan on racing, all in the AMBCS series:

May 30th Womble Classic
July 18th Eureka Springs Fat Tire Festival
Sept 19th Northwest Arkansas Championship
Nov. 7th Slaughter Pen
Nov. 21 Attila the Hun

One race from the Arkansas Marathon Series:

April 18 The Rock Epic 50 Miler

Side note: I would love to do more of the Marathon Series but the other two races sold out within hours of the opening registration time. You may have heard of them, The Ouachita Challenge and Syllamo's Revenge. Maybe a spot will open up. However, I doubt it.

One off-road duathlon:

Feb. 28th Du it in the Dirt

One on-road duathlon:

Apr 3rd Iron Pig Duathlon

Last but not least, at least four Xterra events:

May 1st Xterra Epic

June 12 Eureka Springs

June 26th Xterra Dawg Dayz

Aug 8th Xterra Iron Will

I hope for more Xterra races, my results will be the deciding factor.

That's all for now. Training picks up intensity late this week, just in time for a crazy winter storm to hit the area. Warnings are already being issued and the storm isn't supposed to hit until Thursday morning. Forecasts are calling for anything from 6-10 inches of snow to 3/4 of an inch of ice. Anything but ice, please! Last year's ice storm was devastating and NWA still shows signs of the damage. I've got my fingers crossed for snow, more the better if it keeps the ice away.

Will have links to races soon.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

It's cold

Like most of the Nation, it is cold here in NWA. The coldest air of the season and close to breaking the records. I haven't been on a bike exactly a week. Today would have been good temp wise, but with ambient temps at 36-38 the trails were a brief sloppy mess before tonight's uber freeze. If I can stand the single digit temps on Friday, I plan to hit up some frozen singletrack at Lake Fayetteville.
Southern California is calling. Screw this uninhabitable weather, it's just not right.
Call it ironic, but I love snow. Most of all I love the crunch it makes under your shoe while running. I love being the first to lay tracks down a trail, like a pioneer discovering a new route. On the flip side, tracks in the snow reveal multiple biographies of previous adventures endured. I always try to be the first to lay tracks down after every snow, sometimes I succeed, but usually someone gets to the pristine, snow covered trail before me. I don't mind though, it makes me happy thinking how he or she had a blast cutting the first track through the trail.
New Responsibilities, I passed the RCIS test. The day I passed had to be close to the best day of my life. I'm grateful for my job and for the people who gave me the opportunity to advance to the position that I have today. I'm learning so much, every day I'm learning something new.
Should have some pics up by Sun.