Monday, March 1, 2010

Called Out

I got called out for not posting here for a very long time, kind of like how I got called out for not shaving when there were ample amounts of razors and cream to be used. Well, I'll post but I am still not shaving the beard.

It's still cold here in NWA. Yesterday I was in LA riding my bike in shorts and sleeves, I was loving the 60 degree temps with sun. Today I am back home to overcast and 40. I shouldn't complain because 40 is a lot warmer than what we have had for high's.

While visiting my folks, I did manage to get in back-to-back road rides. I haven't done that in a while. I mapped out a 34 mile route for Saturday, profile was flat as a pancake compared to NWA road rides. My ride was cut short, however, as I took a wrong turn and knocked off nearly 8 miles from the route. That was to bad as I cut off some of the best road on the route, fairly smooth and zero traffic. I mean zero traffic. I did the full 34 mile loop on Sunday and I still didn't see a single vehicle, coming or going, on Seven Pines rd. It felt good to get the two rides in and I actually felt better on the second day's ride.

The forecast for this week looks supreme, I'll definitely be putting in the miles on the road. Speaking of road, I got a new road bike. It is a demo Tarmac we had at the shop. The bike is in immaculate condition, it just didn't get used all that much. One thing I really like about it is that there aren't to many out there with this paint scheme. Here is a pic, yes it is purple.