Monday, January 16, 2012

The Past Month

This past month hasn't gone exactly as I had planned training wise, but the past two weeks I have been able to put in some decent training. The highlight was this past Saturday and Sunday. Weather this previous weekend was superb, almost Spring like with temps in the middle 60's. Saturday was an off-road ride at Slaughter Pen utilizing only Phase 1 trails, the two other sets of trails just don't drain as well as Phase 1. So, I did multiple laps on a 4 mile loop. The weather was perfect and this was the first ride in a long time that I wasn't totally sucking wind.

Sunday's weather was even nicer than Saturday and I so wanted to get back on the bike, but I thought that my legs couldn't take another beating. Also, I wanted to remember how good my legs felt on Saturday's ride and not have a complete meltdown the very next day. So, I decided to take Smuckers on a trail run instead. I've been reading some other athlete's blogs brag about how warm their Winter has been in Southern Cal so I am going to join in as well. I ran Yesterday, Jan. 15th. in shorts and a T-shirt. This Winter has been so mild and I am loving it. I am counting down the days till March.

T-minus 49 days till my first race of 2012!

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