Sunday, June 17, 2012

Finding My Limit

This is a quick,short race report for Xterra Euereka Springs.

First I should start with a little history of me and my race here last year.  It wasn't a good race for me, I got beat up on the swim, had a slower than expected bike and cramped on the run.  This race kicked my ass last year.  So, understandably, I was a little nervous going into this race. 

I got great advice from my coach the day before, he told me to remember that I have done the work leading up to the race and to smile and enjoy the day.


Really, I had a great swim.  Way different from last year.  I was able to pick my starting spot, get to the right of the main group and swim at my pace.  Finished the swim about 20th  15:30 for the 880yds.  Most importantly, I wasn't fatigued coming out of the water like last year.  Big plus!


The bike course is 13 miles in length, it is a rough 13 miles.  Three big climbs and many technical sections make this course one of the toughest on the Xterra circuit.  That being said, I went out cautious.  I was riding the course very well, cleaned all the major climbs and only had to walk one technical section on the backside of the lake.  The only major mistake I made was forgetting my nutrition at T1.  I rode strong up to about 1hr40 min, I think I found my limit.  I have to take on some kind of calories before this point.  Finished the bike 1:30.


It's really sad that I had no fuel on my bike because I really think I could have put together a great race.  I came out of T2 surging, I wasn't going to let this race beat me again.  However, half way through the first climb of the run I knew it wasn't going to be my day.  My time was faster than last year but not what I was hoping for.  Time 1:12

Overall I am really stoked about my race.  I beat last years time by 35 minutes.  I was properly fueled to start the race, but I failed to put enough calories in my body during the race.  Lesson learned, on to the next race.

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